Using This Blog

The use of WordPress based weblogs is not as visually as obvious as some other blog site software. This page was created to post the basics for those newbies to this pretty cool tool.

Returning to Home Page:
In many of the blog functions, the navigation links on the right hand side change, depending upon what the reader has selected for viewing. To return to the blog home page, select the title “the pulse” in the top right hand corner.

Logging in:
On this blog you need to be a registered “Author” to actually write stories or to be able to post comments without moderation. One can read the site without logging in, but to do more a login must be completed. To find the Login link, look in the right hand column of links – at the bottom under the “META” heading, you will see one labeled “Login” . After being logged in, this link will change to “Site Admin”.

User ID and Password:
The Login link will prompt you for your user name and password. For those folks that I had email addresses, I sent user IDs and passwords. If you are in the Creative Pulse and would like to write stories in addition to leaving comments, please email me me and I will send you one straight away. For those folks whose email addresses I had that were faulty, I apologise in advance. I sent you messages, but alas they were returned to me.

Write a Story:
To write a story you need to be in the Site Administration mode rather than the viewing mode for the blog. To access the Site Admin area, look in the right hand column of links – at the bottom under the “META” heading, you will see it , “Site Admin”. If you have yet to login, this link will read “Login”. In the Site Admin mode, select the “Write” tab. Compose your story – and publish it!!!!

To comment on this blog, select the Comments link under the published story. If there are already previous comments, this link will read “3 Comments” for example. By selecting the link, the reader can see the previous comments and add a new one.