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This blog began as a requirement for the creative projects as part of my work in the Creative Pulse MA program at the University of Montana, Missoula.  It has become the repository of the events of my continuing creative lifequest.

Footprinting in the Sand
Murray Lundberg

Why the Paw ?

 As part of the requirements of the Creative Pulse program, we were required to footprint our process. This is the exact wording of our request – footprinting . As it happens the grizzly is the UM mascot and the “GrizPaw” logo is a common decoration on UM related gear. I myself have I have a pair of pajamas with a large grizpaw on the butt. At home, “the paw” is also a recurring them. “Not the Paw” is one of my most repeated phrases in training of my Samoyed, Lady. She wants to show her love through touching – and getting “the paw” is a daily event. “No Lady – Not the Paw!!!”

It was a natural synthesis – footprinting – grizzlies – the paw. Hence the ID for this blog at:


 In meandering the internet in search of the visual of the GrizPaw, the UMT logo, an accidental typo led to the link to the Explore North web site dedicated to the exploration of the circumpolar North of Murray Lundberg, among other things a historical tour guide to the Alaskan Highway. His photograph at the top captures the essence of the footprinting in Buskers, Bloggers, and Being. It is traveling through uncharted and risky territory, whose native denizens are fearsome creatures demanding great respect.

This is actually the second installment of my weBlog here in my Creative Pulse first year field journey. The former was lost in a disaster on the eBloggy site on February 10, 2005. It was archived and able to be restored. However, not wanting to be so dependent on the kindness of strangers, the Blog has been moved to our own box.

In the best of all possible worlds, the initial blog would be joined as one entity here. In the practical world – che posso fare? Until that time, to read the first half of Buskers, Bloggers, and Being go to the eBloggy Blog.