Neoprene and Latex Mask Making

Process Notes:

For 2 part molds . slip fill crack between mold parts with Plastilina to create solid cavity.

Pour latex/neoprene from can through cheesecloth, filling mold cavity completely.

To vulcanize latex mask, use hot hot water, too hot to put hands in

After remove rough mask from mold, cure on the plaster positive to hold shape


Neoprene:  Liquid Neoprene – various rigidites – Semi Rigid  +/- 7% shrinkage
Chicago Latex Formula 521 [JS] [BM]
345 E. Terra Cotta Ave
Crystal Lake, IL 60039  (815) 459-9680
50 gallons – about 200 bucks 

“Mold Release” – buy with latex for casting with latex

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