Info on Teacher Certification

In an effort to conserve paper, I had a brilliant idea.  Why not make a page with all the links to the information I need to know in my blog – rather than printing it all out, only to probably be lost. 

State of Delaware Praxis I and II Information at the ETS

Praxis Tests:
Exemption scores for GRE – I verified my scores and I had high enough GRE scores to be exempt.  However, it would depend on from how long ago they would take the scores.

Praxis I (PPST) – can be taken by appointment at UofD testing center. 

Subject Area Tests:

  • Art (Content Knowledge) – Study Guide – PDF
  • English Language, Literature, Composition – Study Guide – PDF
  • Music (Content Knowledge) – Study Guide – PDF
  • Physical Education (Content Knowledge) – Study Guide – PDF
  • Middle School Social Studies (Content Knowledge) – Study Guide – PDF
  • Spanish (Content Knowledge) – Study Guide – PDF
  • Spanish (Productive Language Skills) – Study Guide – PDF

University of Delaware – Test Centers and Dates- PDF

Substitute Teaching Information:

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