S-M-A-R-T – Updated

This is to record my personal goals for this challenge in a specific, measurable, accountable, realistic fashion in a concrete timeframe.

Weight loss :  Goal – none.    …. instead …
Daily calorie intake:  1200-1350  I am using daily calories as my goal not weight loss.  According to the Calorie Control Council, I need to keep my calorie intake under 1389 to lose weight.
Exercise:  Increase by 150 or more calories per session (4 x) a week my activity.  To be truly specific, I am going to do a fasting walk of 1.5 miles with dog two times a week, and do yoga at home two times a week.

Being accountable:  I will keep track of myself and with my We Can Oil It partners.

Timeframe:  first part  – ONE month.

Now at 90 days into process.  Was 172.  Now 155.
Maintenance calories for 155 lb are 1567.  For 145 lb – 1512.  To continue to lose weight – 1067 calories.
So – goal is to maintain 11oo calories per day until Mother’s Day – (120 days) and then keep on 1500 calories per day maintenance regimen.