Art as Vehicle

“We can see the performing arts as a chain with numerous links, where at one extremity one finds art as presentation (theatre in the strict sense), and at the other extremity, art as vehicle. It s something very ancient, rather forgotten. For the persons doing, the doers, the performative opus is a kind of vehicle for the work on oneself, in the sense that, as in certain old traditions, the attention for art goes together with the approach of the interiority of the human being.”
Programa Fondazione Pontedera Teatro : the Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards

Transformative Studies

money required.  but sounds very interesting and fulfilling.

CIIS – California Institute of Integral Studies

PhD or PsyD – “The Transformative Studies program is offered in an online format. Students work in the online environment of the CIIS virtual classroom. During the 2 years of course work, the students meet twice a year in the Bay Area for 5-7-day residential intensives. The intensives are an essential aspect of the learning experience, and are mandatory.”

$955 – per unit
$20,720 for two semesters full-time – 36 units total = aprx $35,000 plus living expenses for residential intensives …

Clown Therapy

beginning to build my references ….
this one is interesting even if it requires struggling with my limited Italian….

escamillo claun

….begins its introduction with ”

Sono un claun.. Si’, proprio un claun” – they are a clown, just a clown” .  How many times a day do I say this to my friends and family, or just think.  and it continues with its information on :

La clownterapia” 

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