Slique – 90 days

The Young Living Slique products have delivered as promised.  Of course, I had to maintain portion control, reduced daily calorie intake, exercise regimen, and all other common sense requirements of any weight loss plan.

It came out to about $1o.oo a day in costs.  Some of that was recouped in a much lower grocery bill – no more cookies, cereals, chips, etc etc etc.  Since one meal replacement was in the costs, essentially I am/was spending $10.00 a day on lunch.

My current plan is to keep to weight loss calorie intake until Mother’s Day, and then move to a maintenance calorie intake for … ever, I guess.

I no longer feel so depressed and desperate everytime a diet program or fat removal surgery ad comes on TV.  Yes, many of you remarked that I didn’t seem like I needed to lose weight.  You would be correct according to the Smart BMI calculator.  In the beginning of 2017, I felt like sludge, and even though I have not lost huge numbers of pounds, the difference I DO feel.  I don’t cringe at the thought of exercise, I am not stressing my bulging spinal disks as much in ordinary activity, and I feel more like … me.

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