Slique Tapas – Savory or Sweet Small Plates

Beating the bland blahs of my Slique diet program has made me into a creative tapas chef.  “Tapas” are from the Spanish cuisine which are small plates of delicious food that are eaten not as a meal, but as Pooh would say – “just in time for a little smackerel of something”.   Having very small bits of superb savory or sweet snacks keeps the taste buds happy, and that part of your brain that says “ahhhhhhh” when you eat something goooooood.

Important to remember – You can extend the psychological pleasure of eating if you 1) take smaller bites, and 2) chew them very slowly, and  3) concentrate on being in the moment and enjoying your eating.

Cranberry Delight-
put a leaf of butter lettuce or a small bed of lettuce bits on your plate.
Spoon 1/4 cup whole cranberry sauce or relish (no sugar added) on lettuce.
Sprinkle 1 Tbsp. chopped pecans on top.
Add 2 sections of tangerine, tangelo, or clementine.

Salsa Delight-
put out 3 small scoops type corn chips
spoon Black bean and corn salsa into chips
Put away chips and salsa into cabinet and go into another room to eat.

New Orleans Rice
I make up a batch of Zaterains rice and portion it into small storage containers.  I am experimenting with what can go with it.

Rice Pudding
If I was really ambitious I would make a batch of HEALTHY rice pudding.  Failing that, I buy the pudding in individual cups from the market.
With a cup of rice pudding, I will add 2 or 3 cinnamon crisp crackers.

Getting Creative about the Downside of Dieting

I am past Day 30 of the Slique in 60 challenge.
I have had results- the actual weight loss number isn’t huge, but the change in body size is.  I am over 5 cm smaller in waist and hips.  There must be something to those capsules and oil blend.  So many weight loss programs produce weight loss but not much change in body size, and the weight comes back, as it wasn’t a true body change to begin with.

These are a few thoughts I’ve had on this process.

Cost:  The Young Living Slique products, especially the complete kit, have a pretty steep initial cash outlay.  However, the NutriSystem program costs about the same (or more) for a comparable 1 month of meals.  If you count the Slique products as 1 meal and snacks for the day, it comes to about $10.00 a day.  Not that expensive.  For me, it hasn’t been an “additional” cost, as I am spending much less at the grocery market.

The 60 day barrier:  Nutritional science has proven that it takes at least 60 days to reset your biological metabolism, to set a new norm for caloric maintenance.  This is why it is “Slique in 60” and not “10 days to the new you”.   The hard part is continuing to that 60 day mark and beyond, when you pass that 10 day or so mark and the newness has worn off, and the old habits want to reassert themselves.

The Bland Blahs:  After four weeks on the Slique program, I was getting a little crazy.  The YL Slique products are not the most flavorful in the world (no there isn’t a chocolate raspberry option for the Slique Shake).  I thought a bit on it.  I realized that eating food satisfies a lot of human needs besides providing calories for energy.  There are several psychological dimensions to eating – and one of these is FLAVOR.  I was craving all sorts of snacks, but I realized that in essence I was craving taste stimulation.  So I came up with an interesting solutions to keep my taste buds happy – but not upset the caloric apple cart.

The idea is borrowed from the tapas of Spanish cuisine.  These are what are now appearing in the US menus as “Small Plates”.  Small portions of very appetizing and interesting things to eat.  I have started creating my Slique Tapas to eat in conjunction with a Slique Shake or as a snack.  The two major criteria are that they are salivatingly good (suited to your taste buds) and strictly portioned to be under 200 calories.

In the week I’ve been on the Slique Tapas wagon, I have stopped dreading the Shake so much, as I have that lovely very small plate to go with it.