Starting a Weight Management Challenge

I have been quite anxious to lose 25-30 pounds for several years now.  It is some part vanity, but it is due in large to the more one weighs, the more stress on joints.  My knees and back could use a lightened load.


Having started using Young Living products for pain management, I had looked at their weight management products and had considered trying one or two of them out.  Then, for 2017, the company announced a “Slique in 60” challenge.  SO.

The factors in my 60-day trial are to be:

  1.  Health and calorie conscious in eating choices.  Enter the Young Living Slique products.
  2. Exercise more regularly.  I am going to have to go this one on my own as my yoga group dissolved last summer.  Two components to exercise more regularly are going to be:
  • Fasting exercise.  Research has shown that exercise done in “fasting” state benefits more in using stored energy than doing the same amount of exercise done at another time of the day.  Of course, this means when one first gets up.
  • Yoga.  I am going to find yoga to watch on my big TV and go it alone at home.

3. Accountability.  After a fashion.  these organized challenges are primarily to build in social support and accountability to keep going.


The one factor I have in my favor is that I am a person who *can* eat the same thing for lunch every day and not go out of their mind.

I guess the last factor I haven’t solved is:

4.  Reward.  Of course, achieving the weight reduction goal is a reward in itself.  However, being human, one can be supremely motivated by some other (non-food) reward.  Let me think on this a bit.

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