None of the Slique horror stories seem to be true….

A prudent person takes a look around the internet for reviews and commentary before purchasing an unseen product online.  The comments on non-YL websites were not always complimentary about the Slique products.  The overall reputation for quality of the Young Living company is very high.  However, there were a number of folks out there who had things to say about the Slique shake mix that were not exactly encouraging.

I have used a lot of protein/meal replacement powder mixes in my time.  There were a some that were hard to manage, not individually portioned, hard to mix, etc etc.  All these issues were mentioned in online comments on the Slique mix.  All I have to say is:  It must have been a much earlier product they were talking about.  I had trepidation in mixing my first shake.  Was it going to be an ooogly-gooey mess trying to mix without at blender?  Was it going to taste icky?  Seem like drinking liquid chalk?  None of the negative comments I read were true.

  • It mixed up well, even in cold milk.  [sorry super-healthy folks, I am not into soy milk].  Just like the super UNnutritious Instant Breakfast of yore, it works much better if the powder is stirred in 1/3 at a time.
  • It tasted…. just fine.  And a huge plus in my book:  It was NOT chocolate.  I hate  crappy chocolate flavored anything.  Chocolate is the last flavor I want first thing in the day.  I am so happy I have a drink mix that is not blah-vanilla or crappy-chocolate.

The gum.  Ah the gum.  the gum is a wonder.  I am a chewer, easily half of what I snack on is to CHEW not to eat.  I can chew all day, almost as satisfying as Australian licorice, but definitely more lo (make that no) cal.

The tea.  Smells nice.  Tastes good enough.  I’m not clear what its purpose in the overall scheme of the program is, but it good.


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