The Steves (Jobs & Wozniak) Were Undeniably Califirnians

and all the Apple products developers are too. It should be a law that all personal tech devices be beta-tested in Chicago. In the winter. In the park on the lake.

Today it became obvious to me that no one ever considered the use of all these touch screen devices in climes and times where and when bare fingers on a keypad are beyond be torture.

I was wandering around West Philly looking for a place that Google maps kept dropping the pin in various spots. ( it eventually settled on one location , which turned out to be locked. note to self: there is such a thing as being too early to a NET venue. ). I was nearly in tears and eventually didn’t care what passersby thought when the observed me operating my iPhone with my tongue.

Note to gift givers: you can hook me up with some of those convertible mittens or gloves.

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