Just Call Me a Millenial Girl

If I wondered what all of my work in my Second Life employment had been preparing me for, it was Day One of the 2009 VWBPE- Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education conference.   I and both of my alts were in full use all over the many venues of the conference.  I was pressed into service this morning to sit in Muse Isle partner site, to allow an overhead display of the broadcast in a faculty access lab, as there were issues with sound access on some of the computers.  At one point in time, all three of us were participating actively in some fashion simultaneously.   I know I wasnt the only one testing personal  limits of managing simultaneous IMs this afternoon.  I was managing 3-6 IMs on 2 different log ins at two different conference venues, and following a presentation at still a third and slipping in a comment or two.     Not something I would want to do hours on end – but today it would have to be classified as sheer fun.  Ha ha – you millenials – you aint’ got nuttin’ on me. 

Looking forward to what is coming up.  🙂