Well, its time to blog about real life

I’ve been so immersed in Second Life for future projects, my blogging time has been seriously usurped by EllCee’s needs to “speak”.

finished my Acting for TV class at the Walnut Street Theater School yesterday.  I did a creditable, but not super job on my monologue last night.  I just can’t step over some fear I have, that I can breeze on over on stage, in public speaking, in clown.  In those situations, I have no trouble “showing up” as our mentor, Melissa Quilty Eddy puts it.  It is hard to find myself … or how to let myself out … when my physical language and movement has been toned down for the subtlety of film work.    I feel like I came further than I had planned, and have seen that I can go farther… I hunger to do so.  But I don’t understand how to make that path open up for me, for myself, by myself.  We were so fortunate to have such an insightful guide, who saw where we were, what was wrong, and was replete with innumerable strategies and tricks to help us slide over the hurdles to experience where we needed to be.