Its official – I have joined Second Life

Not just as the occasional player, or as a substitute for my real life.  I have rented a brownstone on Postoffice Street in the Galveston Island SIM, applied for an SL job at Club Sky on the eLab City West (UC Riverside) SIM. 

Otherwise, I am fair.  My Second Life has helped my first life.  It is quite a creative outlet that has the promise of future possibilities.  The stifledness of life in sluburban Delaware is then ameliorated a bit.  Quite a bit.  I feel lighter, more hopeful.  And more motivated to housework in my RL (real life).  And that is saying quite a lot. 

Lady’s eyes are doing a little better.  That is good too.  All in all – I am far off track in my original plan for this fall term, but somehow I think I am right on schedule.  I will keep on, keeping on – with the hope the road will rise to meet me.