Difficult Times

I am saddened to hear of the difficulties of Guy Ritchie and Madonna.  They are divorcing, and having to settle on their assets ($35 and $525 mil respectively).  What will the poor guy do if Madonna leaves him high and dry with only his puny $35 million?  NOT.

I am truly troubled by all the recent layoffs of my friends.  Now these are the real struggles – how to keep your only house (not divvying up your multiple abodes).  Or the friend who invested in Lehman bonds – one who is going to have to keep working instead of retiring.  I guess I am like a lot of folks, not confident at all that the financial powerhouses in the markets who have the capability to ruin my life in bad times, (yet do NOT share with me in the profit of good times), have settled down.  Personally, I don’t care what “bottom” in the market is – I just want to get it.  Soon. 

Perhaps all of my work learning street busking tricks WAS a long term investment strategy after all – I will be able to work any street corner for spare change with more pizazz than the young lady squatting reading a book on 42nd street with her sign  “Stranded – Need $12.00 to get Home”.  ~~ I was tempted to give her $12 bucks to see if she would be there when I got back.

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