Manhattan Musings

Was in my Vietnamese squat outside Swatch at west broadway and prince in SoHo. It was a dizzyingly beautiful October Saturday – bluest of blue skies, sunny and perfect blend of cool to warm and back again. My feet were tired after a fruitless search for a birthday gift for the 18th birthday of the daughter of one of my husbands lifelong friends. He is traveling to Great Britain just for this event. I had picked out a nice little something from the flea market stalls on Houston. Once my husband learned I had bought a gift, somehow that became THE gift, leaving me once again giftless. Of course he had rejected all of my previous suggestions, and had come shopping without even ascertaining her correct size. In a way that was fortunate – no temptation to buy haute couture – what lunacy it would be to spend $120 on a T-shirt or wAy more on something more substantial if one is clueless on the appropriate size. Not like she is going to pop downtown for an exchange from Kettering UK.

On the subject of couture: it is official. I am off the size charts in European couture. The largest size, 44, does not circumnavigate my big booty. It misses by about 3-4 cm. The salesgirl was so sweet- she laughed when I asked if there were sizes for big fatassed people like me It is sad. I now look stumpy; once the clothes get big enough to fit I start looking short instead of chic. The real comeuppance was my middle aged upper arm was also almost too fat to fit in the sleeve. Big sigh. However it saved me $250.00.

Found some of what I’m looking for at Mood Fabrics. However I am surprised that there has yet to be a major meltdown shopping on Project Runway. It to me 2 hours to pick out three fabrics. I do NOT know how they do it on the show in 30 minutes.

I’m having a spate of heartache watching the nighttime Manhattan skyline drift by on my way out of town. Although footsore this afternoon in SoHo, I was content. I fit. Now it’s back to my bithplace and current abode where I have never fit. It is so nice not to be weird, even if it is only for an afternoon.

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