Blogging Goes Mobile

Most of my best thoughts come me while on the move. My blog of late has ben sparse as I have had more access to Facebook with the iPhone until the new apps came out. Until the WordPress app came out, I couldn’t post from the Safari iPhone interface. Text entry just plain wouldn’t work at all.

Today truly is a happy day. I’ve spent less and less time on the laptop as I don’t have to seek it out anymore to do email. I often think ” I want to blog this idea” but days might elapse until I’m at the laptop or desktop. And by then my mind has perambulated off in other fields. Or, I’m at work and these days there, I’m getting to be dreadfully ” on task” wanting to get outta there. Or I’m in class which isn’t an environment conducive to candid blogging. Who knows who will be peering over the shoulder?

Not that any of my blog posts are private. They could browse it online and read all (or nearly all) But it is creepy writing with people right at ones back.

In a search I encountered a blogger who quit, simply because his stats indicated that nearly no one besides himself was reading his blog. Hunh? Obviously he was seeking a forum,, not a space for journaling on the fly. Still I think it is sad. I’ve had some of my posts turn up in web searches, and all three ( yes, a whopping three) comments on my blog came this way. But this is my journal, and the thought of valuing it or the process, by it’s percieved value to others seems … Wrong.

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