went to a funeral

hung out in a bar with a lot of clowns, got purified in a trial by herbs, met Dzieci Theater group. 
but nobody sent me the memo about bringing the sad umbrellas – I brought my happy umbrella.
but I did wear my funeral hat and pants.  but I spilled on my stripey shirt on the way home on the train.

the dearly departed and offerings
the dearly departed and offerings

What I need to know is:
if you don’t actually remove a piece and swallow – have you actually taken a bite? “taken” being the operative word here. and how far out of the garden are you banished, if you have only tasted the apple? do you get visiting rights every other weekend? 

I was ordered to bite the apple – so I did.  but after that I didn’t get any directions.  and then I got whipped with herbs.  not with Herb, but by herbs. 
And I lost my clown scissors and little fleece flower in Grand Central Terminal.  I still haven’t told the Mommy and Daddy flower that I lost their baby.  My attorney hasnt’ returned my text yet, and I need to know what liability exposure I’m lookin’ at here.