Veni Vidi Vici

New York’s review of Deborah Kaufmann’s one-woman show reads:   “An exploration of human instincts at so basic a level that thought can be put aside and impulse thoroughly enjoyed . . . this performance gleams most brightly, with true mischief . . . unfettered at maximum strength”

It was exactly what I wanted to see – a short clown show that had theme and structure.  “Mud” is a clown with a four word vocabulary, the most commonly used words being “mine” and “nice”.  She has some vaguely Hindic ritual by which she performs her kind of magic to solve her problems.  Her ritual can give her the “permission” she needs to expand the circle of her chalked “spot” larger and larger on the stage or make silverware appear it what seems to be an empty paperbag.  She “kidnaps” audience participants and has them set a table for her or be “knights” thumbwrestling.  The charm of the show is that her “greed” is so natural and therefore universal.  We have all wanted those “nice” things that we could call “mine”.

Following the Line!!!!
Following the Line!!!!

The “dot” at the end of the show is when the audience discovers the chalk line of “mine” has been extended all the way out the theater door, down the three flights of steps to the street, out the door and to the street curb.  It is the final laugh, long after the formal show has ended.  

I was heartily encouraged as I know I could perform a similar 30-40 minute show if I could write it, (and find proper venue of course).  Most heartily encouraged to learn from Deborah after show was that she left parts out!!! and even so, the show seemed complete.

Mystery Solved

I am sitting here working on my taupe ombre taupe handkerchief drape top made out of georgette, and started to develop a banging headache.  Then I realized that I had forgotten to eat for about 12 hours.  I recut this design three times, and then I had several stitch ripping sessions as I neglected to test baste some construction together to see if it was going to work out the way I planned.  I’m antsy for the big reveal to see if it looks (and hangs) the way I hope.

Now I’m off to the fridge for some caloric Rx for my headache.