Transformative Studies

money required.  but sounds very interesting and fulfilling.

CIIS – California Institute of Integral Studies

PhD or PsyD – “The Transformative Studies program is offered in an online format. Students work in the online environment of the CIIS virtual classroom. During the 2 years of course work, the students meet twice a year in the Bay Area for 5-7-day residential intensives. The intensives are an essential aspect of the learning experience, and are mandatory.”

$955 – per unit
$20,720 for two semesters full-time – 36 units total = aprx $35,000 plus living expenses for residential intensives …

Homage to Pinky

He was a very strange cat, at least to me.  However, my TacaCat was a very strange cat to others, too.  Pinky was  a huge unattractive orange soccer ball of fur with a cat head.  He would literally eat until he threw up.  Dietary self regulation was not in his repertoire.  Can you blame him, though?  He was an alley cat rescued from a Tokyo street who attached himself thoroughly, utterly to my sister.  That kind of devotion from a living purring creature can be so fulfilling and comforting.   She was his guardian angel.

Pinky traveled with his companion, MommyCat, all the way from Tokyo to Yorklyn, DE to Norwalk, CA to Baltimore, MD, along with the life transistions of my sister.  However, after being rescued from the life of a street cat, he rarely ever cared to venture past the threshold to the “outside” again.  He liked the GumbyCat existence:  eating, sleeping, and “sits, and sits, and sits, and sits”.  Pinky would glare at strangers (including me) if they entered his domain, and quickly trot off to a more secluded place to take up the occupation of sitting.  He disliked other cats that tried to enter his world as well – so much so that he hurled himself once through a sidelight window at a neighbor cat who tried to sit on “his” front step, and peer in.  

Today, Pinky returned to “Kitty Heaven” in Yorklyn, Delaware once again to lay at rest in the grassy grounds he would peer out at through his windows, but did not care much to explore.  In his last months, he began to lose weight and on the eve of his next move it was discovered he had cancer.  He was given a shot which relieved his pain, and for a short moment he was in the arms of his “guardian angel” and pain free.  He relaxed, and purred his thanks, and shortly passed on to his next existence.  It was quite a project to hack out his grave in sun-baked earth with tools that had not seen a whetstone, probably in decades.  Especially given that those of us attempting the task were in various capacities of disability – partial amputees, spinal problems, and middle age.  It was a trio that could have been quite a comedy routine.  We completed the task,though, digging in odd directions to try to avoid the multitudes of roots.  

I appreciated Pinky for the friendship and the comfort he gave my sister.  He wasn’t handsome, winsome, or talented in any way.  However, he excelled in appreciation and devotion.  So long Pinky.  And thank you.


when is a film like an onion?

when you can keep peeling through the layers and there is more there.  and perhaps you cry a bit at the end.  Somewhat of a surprise was the film “Hancock” starring Will Smith.  Its storyline was indeed like an onion, the layers kept peeling away, surprising with more than just plot twists.  I have to give its writers/et al credit;  the ending wasn’t quite the blatantly expected obvious one … there was more than one scenario that could play out.  Of course the viewer doesn’t quite believe the title character is going to die at the end … after all it didn’t follow a usual sequence for a tragedy.  However, I have to admit my mind was racing with so many scenarios at the climax, I was forced to quit analyzing and just watch the movie … dammit.  Watching through my fingers a bit, as the ZAP POW CRASH FX were there … but there because that was how the movie was billed.  A bad boy superhero movie.  And if you were dense enough, or drunk enough, or defeatist and unsentimental enough, you could sit back and watch the ZAM BLAM show and let the underlayers go undiscovered.  It sells tickets, eh wot?

What is Will Smith philosophizing?  That we are attracted by forces of destiny to our one true mate, but if we coexist too closely together in space and time, we will be destroyed as our vulnerabilities are exposed?   A good subject for a late night latte session in Barnes and Noble, but not for this blogger this early AM.  My inner life related the most when both superheroes are dead and down for the count (or so it seems).  Life can be such shit, and then you die.  In the meantime, wear clown shoes.

One film I saw a few days ago on cable that wasn’t like an onion was “Hairspray”, the film version of the Broadway musical remake of movie of the same title.  Whoever thought John Travolta playing drag in a fat suit was a good idea has access to some interesting pharmaceuticals.  Or maybe they needed the marquee name.  The project certainly needed something.  Like my impression of the movie version of “Rent”, this was one musical show that worked a lot better on a stage.  IMHO.  Maybe some other time I , or some more cinematically enlightened person, will be able to explain how in making the stage show “big” enough for the big screen, even with a former film version as reference, the overall result was much much less than either of its predecessors.   Now here is a frightening thought … a film version of the stage show “Legally Blonde”.