Anachronisms and Truisms

I am finding the Showtime series, the Tudors, being one narrative of the life of Henry VIII of England that makes plausible the inner motivations of the king, not just the political ones.  It is one of the most “authentic” stories of that time, if one can overlook the conflation of certain characters, and the frequent wild anachronisms in dress.  The court scenes are quite elegant and certainly a lot cleaner than the actual court or Henry VIII probably was. The costume designer has taken considerable artistic license which when it was confined the mainly the women’s headpieces I could tolerate.  One can forgive the sewing of the sleeves to the bodice as in modern times.   However, Queen Anne Boleyn appeared in the latest episode in a high necked dress that reeked of Victoriana.    It also showed St. Peter’s Basilica with the completed dome and forecourt neither of which were complete in the time of Paul III.  [1590 and 1667 respectively]

However, this is the most plausible interpretation of Henry VIII, I have ever encountered, in print or in film.  It shows the evolution of “King Harry” from a playboy prince who acceded to the throne young, and spent the early part of his reign leaving the affairs of state to others to the autocrat who ruled with absolute power, and too often motivated by emotional whims.  However, I believe it is accurate in revealing that despite his despotic nature, Henry was a quite a thinking man, and hints that one of his motivations for changing his feelings about Anne Boleyn was his regret over the execution of his former advisor and chancellor, Thomas More.

My Sooper Snoozy Sneaker

Although I made serious tactical error in time planning and nearly got zero shoes done (while I was shooting for two).  I finally designed something that might have market potential.   And I have decided to use it to help Faithful Friends.  I am not a superrichy person, and have been remarkably unfocused on accumulating wealth, and ergo, I haven’t.  However, this item is a way my creativity will be able to utilize leftovers to make $$$ for my Curley Bear and the other animals.  

Sooper Snoozy Sneaker

I didn’t want to compete against my students;  hence the “not valid for judging” signs

It has required a week for Barkitecture Recuperation

Egad.  I have been tired.  I think I will have to plan for every project crunch day of less than 4 hours sleep to equal one day of post project recuperation.  Middle age can be quite a muddle.  Sunday I slept and slept and would have gone on sleeping if not roused late afternoon by the spouse.  Monday, I managed my one class and propped myself up in a chair for the rest of the day.  I sucked it up for the extra three hours for my evening class, so Tuesday was a recoup from Monday.  Yesterday I was looking around for some of the Barkitecture stuff, and couldn’t figure out where I put it.  I couldn’t find it because I had never gone back to the Closet Organizer to get it.  

But I do want to make more Sooper Snoozy Sneakers.

Ta da da dum da, ta dum ta dum ta dum!!!

And so begins “The Stars and Stripes Forever”.    And so we delivered the “4th Bark Battalion” to the Greenville Country Club.  It was done, and was a good experience of the total effort synergistically being a greater than the contribution of all of the individual parts.  And somewhat astonishingly we won 1st place.  I am pleased, and a little grateful that Glen King decided not to compete this year.  {grin}  We probably wouldn’t have held a candle to The Island of Meowi or his powder mill miniature of last year.  But that is the luck of the real world of competitions.  It is not a measure of absolute merit.  If the Russians don’t come to the Olympics, and you win a gold medal in gymnastics …. well it still is an Olympic Gold Medal.   We went from being precipitously close to being a collection of parts on Thursday pm to being the cute totally kewl creation that it is.

4th Bark Battalion

The auction was pleasant, mainly because I invited my Dad.  I had someone to talk to besides Ken who is usually pixerblogging like crazy.   But it is thanks to his avocation I have most of the photographic record of my life.  I got the painting of Jazz (my jazzy Jazz!!!) for exactly the limit of my spending.  The auctioneer was quite a bit of a clown and would often interact with the bidders.  When I kept upping the bid, he asked me “Do you know the artist?”  To which I replied: “I know the DOG!”   and at that point the other bidder dropped out.  I hope they realized that I really really wanted (and DESERVED) that picture.  Chris Emerson, one of the Bark Battalion designers, also came and got his picture taken by a News Journal reporter.    One off note:  The kitchen served up coffee and dessert in the middle of the auction in the adjoining room.  So everyone drifts out, and the bid prices go …. down ….down…. down.