The Magic Mirror that Never Lies

Dream Workshop – Inservice DTCC August 2007Steve Steinwedel, EdD Student SErvicesBooks:

  • “Man and His Symbols” – Jung
  • “Dreamwork” – ???

Dr. Steinwedel’s Thoughts:All dreams come in the service of health and wholeness – even bad dreams, which usually take that form to make sure we are paying attentionAll dreams have multiple layers of meaning – the longer the process the deeper the layers that can be exploredAll dreams come to explore new territory in your psyche – new insights and understainding await, dream always presents new material to integrate, day residue is present but often only the beginning of the storyDream Group Process & Rules:Proper Etiquette and respect for Dreamer

  • Dreamer is only one who can verify with any reliability what a dream might mean, group is there to only support in the process. “Tingle Test” – the “aha” moment of recognition.
  • Group shares reflections in First Person as if they are interpreting the dream for them… If this were my dream …
  • Importance of anonymity and confidentiality

Dream Group Processes

  • Dreams are shared in First Person Present Tense as if having the dream right now
  • Group members listen intently to dream as if it is their own
  • Group members invited to share any feelings that come up as they take ownership of the dream
  • Clarifying questions if any are addressed to dreamer
  • Group members invited to “project shamelessly” on dream
  • As much insight is available to them in others dreams in ownership process, as if it were their own

Silent Lucidity

What if you slept And what if In your sleep You dreamed And what if In your dream You went to heaven And there plucked a beautiful flower And what if When you awoke You had that flower in your hand Ah, what then?– Samuel Taylor Coleridge“It is a common experience that a problem difficult at night is resolved in the morning after the committee of sleep has worked on it.” – John Steinbeck

Return to Clown School 2007

Returned to the Flea Theater on Saturday to visit open class of Clown School 2007. Saw Hovey Burgess, Larry Pisoni, Dick & Tiffany again. Mark Renfro didn’t do the makeup this year so I didn’t see him. I had planned to ask again for contact information, but I didn’t. For some reason, I felt really shy and it didn’t feel right. After the class unfolded, it was like time had melted and I was back in that working clown universe. It felt so good.

Notes on the open class:
Machines-each person comes and starts a repetitive motion, and each additional participant adds to it (5)
Dog + Master – duo presentation. There were two of these skits.
Looking for Other – duo where the object is to move around screen and look for each other but not find each other
Movie Theater – seats in a row looking at imaginary screen. Done twice – once with varying levels of laughter, once with crying
Attitude Party – “host” starts out. Each guest comes with different attitude and it affects the party
Expert Speaker – several participants in sequence. Expert speaker has to use a repetitive gesture. Each sequential participant adds a gesture to the mix.
Man in the Middle – Trio – two expert speakers on either side of man in the middle. Each speaker has to use strategies short of touching, to keep the man in middle listeneing to them, not the other.

Of course there was the usual opening and closing dancing. I saw a prop that was kewl – some sooper stretchy stuff that would strech out forever and bounce back.

Went out to Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse for dinner later with a little Fifth Avenue browsing between show and dinner. Prior to show, I had spent time browsing on Prince Ave in Soho on a Saturday afternoon. Intereesting place, interesting crowd. The Issey Miyaki boutique had fab line in crushed polyester. loved the double lapel long jacket, and rows of scallops short jacket.

I was where I wanted to be one year later, but I wish I still could study more and more.