Clowning Debut

Walked the boardwalk in Cape May, New Jersey from one end of commercial district to the other.  This is what I looked like at end of the stroll.  I did much better than I ever thought I would.  It has left me eager for more, more, … MORE.  

Clown on Cape May Boardwalk

I learned that in this environment there are really at least 3 audiences that operate simulataneously, which is at least one more than in most clown environments.  The most proximate audience is the folks that you choose to become part of the clown world – who actually become part of the routines.  Then there is the immediate audience who watches this.  On the boardwalk, there is a third and more distant audience who observes from afar.  My bodyguard-buddy-hubby had many interesting things to report on the reactions of this “far” audience. 

When I am more ready to begin bookings, this activity is great for self promotion.  However, there were several requests for the balloon animals …. {sigh}  I might be persuaded to balloon animals for hire, but this clown walking I do really for the clown herself.