Back to the Circus

I returned to the Cole Bros Circus again this year.  The clowns were better – more interactive on a 1 to 1 level, but I know I could do as well.  Their entrees (their bits) were neither here nor there, but still better than last year.  For whatever reason, Snickers the pony, and XXXXX didn’t appear the night we went.  I rode on Tina, one of the two elephants and discovered that elephant hide is covered with a gazillion nearly invisible short hairs that stand straight up.  Feels like a bristle brush.  Makes one wonder about those showgirls in the Greatest Show on EArth who ride atop a ‘phant in essentially a G-string.

Had a great border collie opening act – well of course I’m biased.  Doggie was a champion frisbee capturer.  Pretty kewl in the intimate size of this canvas tent.  I know now I could be a good (maybe great) clown.  Besides practical dilemmas, I would have issues if the circus was not good to their animals.  PETA doesn’t have too many good things to say about Cole, but even more bad things to say about Ringling’s treatment of their elephants.  It is horrible to think that they physically punish the elephants afterward if they make a mistake.  Horrible. 

however, I am having fantasies from time to time about Hovey’s hats and the big top.

{need to pop a pic in here)

Clown Stuff

I am looking for clown stuff to get those things that I still need that I learned about in clown school.

ProKnows – – is a site that has all the vinyl clown noses and some makeup stuff, and some clown shoes.  They make green noses! and glitter noses!! It is time to get the hobo-girl a green nose that isn’t that foam ball.  This site has pictures of the noses on real faces in profile to get an idea of what the different styles really look like.

Mehron and Ben Nye are the best makeup suppliers.  I need the alabaster makeup, a stick or two of flesh colors that match me or close to my own skin tone, plus some other bits and bobsl. Stage and Theater is a good site and where I got my “stackups” colors.

Clown Antics, Inc is a general site with bunches of stuff. It has some cheap balloon books, a “magic” balloon bag, polkadot sox, thigh high sox, and more …It is where I got my colored foam noses, hugged a clown stickers, and polkadot tites.

HippityHop Magic has a clown magic page, and sells the Goshman colored foam balls that can be used for juggling or making noses.  Magic Legends has a magical clown accessories, including the Busking With Balloons book by Brown & Morrissey, magic coloring book, foam props (rabbits, teeth, rocks, etc) and the World’s Best Clown Gags book by Flosso/Musson.  Directions for the Al Goshman Sponge Ball Routine can be had from

Folks that have info on being a clown are Clown Kevin and Silly Billy who has a book called “Seriously Silly”. Other books are HOW TO BE A MAGIC CLOWN BOOK by Ernie Kerns, Magic by Gosh by Al Goshman, and CLOWN ACT OMNIBUS BOOK by Wes McVicar

The Magic CornerDan Ryan Productions ; Sponge Magic -Goshman stuff … magic stuff

4FunParties … party stuff, animal balls, red noses by the dozen etc.