Fanny and Alexader

or Fanny och Alexander by Ingmar Bergman. Happened to be on TCM last night. It was compelling enough to keep me up for whole 3 hours. It is no surprise it won so many awards for its cinematography by Sven Nykvist. The contrasting visual evocation of the two worlds of the children is so complete and powerful, that little dialogue has to be expended to explain their feelings. The visual aspect is so engaging it is one film I want to see again without the subtitles. I found it distracting from “taking in” the entirety of the movie, to have to let go of the visual composition to “read”.

Drumming and Drumming

Tuesday I go to St Michaels Day school for first time. I have been getting ready. I think I am ready of sorts. this exploration has opened new doors for me personally and I think I may turn down the path of the study of world fusion percussion. I definitely want at aleast a little more drumming on my djembe. What is it about our culture, its bigotry, that prevented me from learning about the great Babatunde Olatunji until just a few years after his death. I hope my world culture circle will be one little step in a new better direction.
I have my own djembe drum now from Ghana hand carved with village scenes including a mother and child by one of the few women drum makers. Dorothy M. says the drum will have good juju for me. I hope so. I have yet to make my kids cajonitos – little box drums. This weekend !!!