So What Does a Girl Have to Do to Get a Little HELP?

We theoretically have a lab tech part time assigned to our department. He has issues with working “for” a woman. They are very subtle, but know that I have a clue of what is going on here it is beginning to make sense. He will not collaborate with me or work under my direct supervision. He likes “solving” the problem himself, presenting me with his solution, “taking care of it”. In a lot of cases this is all well and good, but at times, what I want and need is supposed to be what I want and get.

My department chair made the formal request that he visit my classroom between 4:10pm and 4:20pm for the Design Studio class to see what help, if any, I needed at the time. He showed up officially once, and serendipitously once. That makes twice in 8 weeks of 3 classes per week or a percentage of less than 10%. This is NOT help. I have concerns about what is going to happen after my surgery, and especially if it doesn’t “fix” me.

I am trying to put the “blame” where it belongs, and have begun being a little aggressively proactive to the MEs who follow me in the classroom. Essentially the problem is – stuff needs to be lifted and moved. I can’t do it. The guy didn’t come. Tuff shit. Complain to my department chair.

I am really sick of working with engineers, and working with men. They don’t respect my profession, nor my gender. After 20+ years, it gets to a point, that it is a lot of the SOS, and one begins to ask why? Why do I need to expend my psychic energy with these bozos in this place?