The Family Genealogist

My father’s sister, Ruth, passed on just after the New Year. She had no immediate family, but has 20+ nieces and nephews and 40+ grand nieces/nephs. She had done decades of research on her (our) family tree and had made meticulous notes. It was her plan to put all that information on the standard genealogical forms. I found a stack of blank forms about 1″ thick. I also found all of her genealogical documentation. I have inherited the post of family genealogist. Fifteen years ago, I visited with my aunt, and she let me look at her work. I had made copious notes, but now the originals are all mine as well.

The major thing I have inherited from my aunt is the role of family genealogist. I found her meticulous work, and have been able to put in on a website. There is so much here – family papers, documents, photographs.
This is just a start:

Ernest and Anna Cripps Genealogy

What makes this so spooky is the cipher my grandfather, Ernest Cripps, Sr. has been. None of 8 aunts or uncles ever spoke of him. I did not see a photgraph of him until just this year! What I know about him I could put in a thimble.

I am fortunate to live in the era of online genealogy sources, and especially computer programs. It took me about ten hours to input all of her data, but now thanks to Tribal Pages, our family tree is online for all of the many descendants to view and use.

It is my hope to create a digital archive of documents and photos as well to add to this start. There is a treasure trove of stuff to go through, about three bankers boxes worth. Also time to go visit my cousin Georgiana to see if she can identify some faces in pictures for me.