so what has happened.

I made a bird costume. It came out well.
I don’t take care of all my family well when I am involved in projects. It shows.
I can’t write about the worst of it.
It may be pointless to go to Italy. What is there for me to learn, other than something else I have more than a little talent for, but I won’t ever be able to use.
I don’t know what I want except my animal family (which includes necessary other). It is the only thing that really counts.
Everything else – pppfffft.
what profiteth a woman to gain the whole world but to lose her family?
Bird Costume

The Arm

After 4 weeks of intensive therapy – the arm is just beginning to have movement. It turns out that a shoulder injury in recovery is a delicate balance of retaining movement and resting injury. Rest it too much- it stiffens up – like what happens to me. Use it too much it doesn’t have time to heal and recover.

I am due 3 more weeks at 2x a week. Then we will see what happens.