OKay I’m Compensating …

but who can wait until the holidays on the off chance the hubby will come through with something I actually ask him for. Give the past track record, anything that requires thought for purchase prior to December 22nd is problematic.

So I bought my own gift in advance from the Toy Shoppe … one of their exclusives which do NOT stay around long. I missed Tiny Betsy McCall goes Shopping for waiting a month to decide to buy her. I saw the Madame Alexander Coquette Cissy’s at the IDEX doll show and knew I was going to get one someday. I loved the Latin Dressed to Thrill and I also liked the AA doll in the yellow gown. However, know I know why I waited. The Toy Shoppe has had their own ltd.ed. versions of this doll and their AA one has the most beautiful Cissy Type face I have ever seen. The pink dress is elegant – all in all a wowser. So last night after the third increasingly hectic day on the college treadmill, I bought her. Now I have to pine away until October until she actually arrives.

<img src="http://www.thetoyshoppe.com/showimage.aspx?resize=true&width=375&img=/images/dolls/madame/romance.jpg"
She is called the Romance and Roses Coquette Cissy and like all Toy Shoppe exclusives take a great doll and even make it more special.

A Shop!!!! A Shop!!!!

It was really late last night when I got back from my 2nd night class … and I still had to give Lady a walk. Poor girl had been waiting over 12 hours to see me. I took her down the road a few miles in the car to walk on the Main Street of Newark DE – which is the heart of the college town. It is a place I take her to walk frequently when it is late or in bad weather. It is a place where there are a lot of folks out at 10+pm at the restauarants,etc.

There is a boutique called Echo which is next to my hairdressers (The Cat’s Eye ;-)and the owner often stays open late if he is there doing his jewlelry work. He lets Lady come in with me, so Echo is one of Lady’s favorite shops, along with the florist and the used book store (all of the owners let her come in with me). He happened to aske me a question about the bracelets he was making, and we fell into conversation.

I found out that he is apprenticing under an elderly local goldsmith/jeweler who is letting him acquire all his equipment gradually while learning all about how to use the stuff. So this guy may end up to be one of the few true jewelers left in town who can actually fix fine jewelry. He was showing me the rings he carves from plastic for casting later in precious metal. So I asked him if I could design some rings if he could make them. Of course he said. Ken & I don’t yet have our marriage rings as I never could find something I wanted to spend all that $$$ on. I thought I might have to find a silversmith in New Mexico (or Montana) but never ran across anyone in my summers that seemed “right”.

Turns out that the right guy was just down the road aways. I started telling him about the limitations I have in wearing jewelry due to my work. Just out of the blue he offered to represent my work in his shop – he already works with 50+ other local artisans/crafters/designers. TTTTTWHAAAT???

So now I have a shop too!!!!!!!!! Not my shop, but exactly what I need – a place to show my stuff for sale. The BEST part of it is – he says he wants whatever I want to bring in. Unlike other places which are only seeking particular things – Echo would be interested in anything for the house or body … and when I get tired of making it, I can move onto whatever might interest me.. like hats, purses, wearable items,

Just knowing that the place is THERE, has got me exciting about doing stuff.

Grumbling – Grumble

Things could be worse. The college could be burned down and I could be out of a job.
Things could be worse. I could have lung cancer or some other potentially mortal disease.
Things could be worse. My animals could have died in my house fire.

So the fact that the classrooms, storage, room assignments were all uprooted for technology upgrade [long term gain] in the most disorganized last minute fashion making my start of classes for the term exponentially harder, is not the worst thing that could have happened to me …

Things I can’t find:
Orange oil cleaner for markers on green borco boardcovers
My long white extension cord for electric pencil sharpener.
A lot of my instructional handouts which at the moment I presume are in the box where I rescued the whole lot of what I found in miscellaneous haphazardly packed boxes [done without my knowledge or input which WAS available ] However no one consulted me about packing up ALLLL of my stuff.

Things we don’t have:
Electricity in one classroom – we keep throwing breakers
Electricity for E-size copier
Functional A-size copier for classroom work
Parallel rules for drafting classes

Things we have:
A room for student’s drawing lockers in which they can lock themselves in.
Other department faculty who are unwilling to be even a teensy bit inconvenienced by all of this.
Instructional and other administration who have revealed they have NO CLUE about exactly what should be done.
A department chair who doesn’t give a shit.

It is pretty crappy all around.
But as I said – things can be worse.

Auto Fixed – And Maybe REally Fixed

The clutch is so different I drove off this afternoon like I had never driven a stick shift before.
Hopefully this 300 bucks will make my Suzy drivable for another 40k miles or so … before I have to retire her to only parttime use.

I would really luv a club cab pickup with a GPS system. Someday but Italy has to come first and I have to make money and am stuck in the salary level of this higher ed job … and things I would rather do are at least a 30% paycut.

Classes started today. Ugh. Big problems.

Psych & Cognition & Human Development

Empire State College – Center for Distance Learning
has great courses in multicultural and interdisciplinary focus.

I am looking into studying basics in psychology, cognition, and human development that the U of D professors will not let me take as I am not a “major”. Hah.
This college has an undergrad degree focused on either Early Childhood OR Adolescents, which is HTF.

Accademia Dell’Arte

in beautiful Arezzo near Firenze or as we Anglos say – Florence.
The Accademia has a program in the summer for the Commedia Dell’Arte which is focused on developing your OWN characters. I am seriously looking into applying, as it isn’t strictly focused on the traditional characters.

Accademia Dell’Arte

Course name: Masks and the Commedia dell’arte: 6 hours credit
Schedule for Summer 2005: July 5 – August 3, 2005

Tuition: for 2005 $ 3,800 Summer – Undergraduate
Room & Board: 2005 $1,800 – Summer

Accademia dell ‘Arte
Villa Godiola
Localita San Fabiano
52100 Arezzo
T 011 39 0575 294 155 or
0575 294 139
Fax: 011 39 0575 296259

USA mailing address:
Accademia dell’Arte
P.O. Box 251505
Little Rock, AR 72225-1505
T/F 501-227-5063

Other courses:
Individividual Vocal Coaching: 2 hours credit *

Mask Conference in Southern Illinois

Southen Illinois University Department of theater is sponsoring Masks of Transition: Interdisciplinary and International Conference on Masks and Masking

I am investigating the feasibility of going for Saturday October 8 events in drama therapy, characterization, clowns and the commedia dell’arte; and the ongoing workshops.

contact person:
Dr. Ronald Naversen
Department of Theater Mailcode: 6608
Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Carbondale, IL 62901
Phone: (618) 453-3076
Fax: (618) 453-5782

Another good site for my reference – Mask Making Web