It Has Been Disorienting

I am back again from Creative Pulse in Missoula MT.
Even with 4 days traveling on road the transition has been disorienting.

I am just beginning to figure out what to do with myself. all last week I wandered around house trying to figure out what I am doing there. Logically my mind was operating but functionally I had a hard time doing anything but rest, eat, and read.
I guess my mind thought it needed to be thinking hard and studying – so I read two “large” as Ken observed books in two days. Hey – we had been putting away 10-40+ pages of “thick” reading a day. Of course you could barely digest it all. Part of the unwritten curriculum of program is to restudy all the material once you get home – I think.

Books I read:

The Royal Whore
by Allen Andrews
Chilton Book Co 1970
the story of Barbara Villiers Palmer, Duchess of Cleveland, paramour of Charles II.

Courtesans: Money, Sex and Fame in the Nineteenth Century
by Katie Hickman
HarperCollins Publishers 2004
interesting point Hickman makes is most of courtesans she profiles speak of the desire for autonomy and independence in a time where women had next to no options for either unless they were born wealthy.

Next book to read is one on Veronica Franco – as she is from period of incepton of Commedia Dell’Arte – interesting comment as she is referred to in her book description as “onesto” – or an honest courtesan !
The Honest Courtesan : Veronica Franco, Citizen and Writer in Sixteenth-Century Venice
by Margaret Rosenthal 1993

another one:
My Lady Scandalous : The Amazing Life And Adventurous Times Of Grace Dalrymple Elliot, Royal Courtesan
by Jo Manning 2005

Glasgow MT – West Fargo ND

vistied with Meg in Poplar. ate great enchilads, but then again she made them for me – sin chiles.
drove over Lake Sakakawea in ND – Audubon Wildlife preserve nearby
Streets with high numbers like 100 ST NW – interesting
Obviously ranching here in ND badlands – more farming further east we got.
Began thinking about found objects sculpture using hay bales in field. interesting sight when bales are there and field has sprouted green again all around

Kalispell MT to Glasgow MT

drove on Road to Sun through Glacier park. took videos and pics.
stopped at Lodgepole Gallery on Blackfeet Picuni rez. genuine NativeA art gallery – met owner – great work. you can spend the night in a tipi here if you want.
had lunch in Havre – the big metropolis of Hi-Line. saw lots of “4 for 2” signs all along the way.
one town had sign “596 good people and 1 sour puss” or something like that.
easy to find time to think here

Kalispell MT to Kalispell MT

went on bear hike with Prof Charlie Jonkel sponsored by Glacier Institute
the only field reporter from local ABC station in Kalispell came along – her story on “Montana Treasures”
learned about grizzly food and denning – after lots of bushwhacking around finally found special twin tree den.
stuck my hand in grizzly den which isn’t too problematic in late July. got a great pic too.
absolutely great day.

Day 27 – and counting

One day I will get around to actually posting my journal here. The final personal performance is always that problem – whatever you may be figuring on in week 2 or 3 by the time week 5 rolls around, you may be in such a different place that it doesn’t seem right anymore.

I have had a very hard few days since last Wed. when I actually had to put on the stars (Place personal performance) . It has had repercussions that are not surprising but still, I would rather I could have had the last two weeks of my on campus time to be much less troubled. COST – that is what I am going to write on my nice white hospital admissions bracelet, where you have to go to see an MD if you are thousands of miles from home and Pulsing all day everyday.

Risk – is there if one chooses to embrace it; even when you lose or fail I believe life is more fully informed and enriched by the experience gained

Rigor – is there whether or not you choose to embrace it; may as well make something of it as life is going to dish it out anyway

Cost = Living

Irrevocability – Nyo ze ho. Until our last breath there is always the chance to alter our causes, and therefore our destiny.

A Place

Where do you go when you leave the Masquer Theater? Where would you like to go? Would you like to stay connected to your Pulse colleagues “out there”? Blogging was part of my field project, and the thought occured to me – why not have a Creative Pulse blog? So I created one.

Here it is – I will add you to our author list – all you have to do is ask. If all you want to do is check in and see what is going on from time to time, please do so. This place is ours to make of it what we will.