Living in the Theater of the Absurd

Perhaps because I seem so at home in the theater of the absurd, that when life becomes a living laboratory of ludicrous proportions, I get much more calm. Or because it is only because I have had so much practice living on the brink of disaster, that I know that it is a waste of energy to try to control chaos.

I made a list of the things I needed to do in the next two weeks. It is absurd. For all of the Student Learning Outcomes Assessment requirements for Middle States Accreditation there will be something on paper by June 1. However …… even before I have collected the “data” of assessment I know what my “conclusion” is going to be – “Need more data for accurate assessment”. In other words – there is no bloody time to do this in less than 6 weeks since the approval of our “process” was done. Tough.

I have to in the next five days:
Grade all assignments languishing in last month due to visits to hospital etal. – (lots and lots)
Give several exams – grade. (24 or so)
Review final technical writing assignments – grade. (12 or so)
Organize final design project review, find jurors, find a room.
Collect final drawing portfolios – grade. (20 or so)
Assist in finishing one student design competition entry from student is a carpenter-newbie.
Assist in soft furnishings creation for three more entries.
Verify completion of student design competition entries and their delivery to Delaware Center for Contemporary Art two days from now.
Oh and yes, in case you wondered, we are still meeting in regular class schedule….

Then I get to serve jury service the day after classes end and the day before grades are due [ Grading Day] which could be one day or many.

After that what is nominally on my official list of deliverables by June 1:
Create SLOA rubrics.
Use rubrics to evaluate collected SLOA data.
Oh maybe we need to gather and organize data also. Ha ha.
Create oodles of SLOA reports and reach meaninful insights into improving instructional effectiveness.
Organize advisory committee meeting.
Liase with other institutions who accept our students as transfers.
Create list of Program Graduate Competencies for new AET transfer program.
Complete all paperwork for proposal of new program and attendant new courses.
Cross out a few days for inservice employee recognition hoopla.
Oh and yes, there will be oodles of other meetings as well – departments, committees. Got to make sure those faculty don’t slack off after the term is over.

Did I mention I am called for jury duty on May 10? Capital case – now that would be a nightmare.
Did I mention my father is back in the hospital?
Did I mention I am supposed to be leaving for Montana????
Did I mention I have a field project at total loose ends?

What is it that makes it easier to radically prioritize what is important when the agenda is absurd, that seems to elude us when it seems more doable?

Working Working Working

It is pure insanity – without direct intervention of some extreme ichinen on my part I will not even get back to Montana this summer. My father is not doing well at all. What does it matter the dissarray of my field project – if one does not even make it back there to present.

However, I am picking up the pieces and forging ahead. I don’t think I have time to get Columbine together sartorially in a week or so. So maybe I need to bring another character. The other performance pieces are too stressful to try to contemplate either. I don’t know her name yet- she is the funny one – one of the missing Commedia women, perhaps she actually was included – I need to check the literature. She is the clown girl – and I have been following the evolution of street theater and clowns as well as other permutations from the root of the Commedia. She doesn’t need a venue, an organization, and event or any permission to be. I can be her sometime somewhere in the next month.

On the off chance there might be something, I checked out the options for her purse at the fabric store and voila- there it was. I have been very in sync with purses, it seems. I have all the bits. A dress. Some capris. A little bouffe on today’s fashion – and I found the HAT as well. on sale.

Interesting debate about the hat. I had to overrule my former self to allow my new self to live stronger. No it is not logical – but if one finds THE HAT even if one does not now what or when to use it – GET IT.