What are Your Intelligences?

Cognitive functions and dominance are related to the various intelligences but each intelligence can use different cognitive functions in one or both brain hemispheres. To assess yourself on the scales of the MI categories, you can try:
Interactive Multiple Intelligence Test

When I took it this is what it said about me:

Linguistic Linguistic=2828
Mathematics Mathematics=2323
Visual/Spatial Visual/Spatial=4646
Body/Kinesthetic Body/Kinesthetic=4343
Naturalistic Naturalistic=2929
Music Music=2727
Interpersonal Interpersonal=2929
Intrapersonal Intrapersonal=4141

Interpreting Results

Higher scores indicate areas of possible strength. In most cases user profiles will include one or more areas of strength, or peaks in the bar chart. Review your own results for “peaks”. Do those results parallel the understanding you have of yourself?

Read about eight styles of learning to learn more about the characteristics associated with each of the multiple intelligences, and take the Multiple Intelligences Workshop to learn about MI theory and instructional strategies for multiple intelligences.

The web site with this test was conceived in 1998 by Liz Bogod, an adult with learning disabilities.

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