How Is It We Always End Up Here?

AT the point in the mask project process that I am not where I would want to be at this point, and a lot of the time just wish I was in an alternate universe without the deadline hanging over my head.

The work itself however is going well enough. I have been quite in good luck in having so much of the untried processes work out nearly exactly like I had planned.

However, I have encountered that usual fit of creative exploration that leads one to evolve shapes in the direction that they seem to want to go and then come back and realize that some other parts were supposed to fit on to them and now that is impossible.

HOwever sometime between last night late and this afternoon I worked out a solution of how to attach and iron-on item to an edge that rises to a knife point edge. Obviously one has to iron it on to something else and then attache the two somethings together.

When I’m actually at the work I feel good. When I am away from it doing all those other necessary things I feel dread.
Le plus ca change, le plus c’est la meme chose.

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And Also …

it is only a few degrees cooler in Missoula at the moment …. feels like 49 deg F there and feels like 51 deg here, according to

I have taken bets on which city gets accumulation of snow first.

And by the Way …

I am not meeting my goal of Blogging at least every other day … I have certainly been thinking about it but I haven’t been writing .

eeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhh aaaahhhhhhhhh.
(air letting out of soul)
Linda Cripps 11/12/04 4:12 AM