My Life as A Mouse

how does one digest one of the worst months ever spent?
how does one continue blogging when issues begin to manifest in most personal aspects of life? especially when others involved may be reading?

The title of this entry comes from reflections after viewing of My Life as a House with Kevin Kline and Kristin Scott Thomas.

nothing fits – Not my relationship to work, to spouse, to my own self.

I have difficulty blogging when required to discuss certain personal details – it seems too … exhibitionistic.

Drum Circle is teetering on brink of extinction – my Monday night spot of psychic haven gone …..

Hard to even note the disaster of the week – plumbing leaks – …..

What it really seems a more accurate title, after more time than usual to reflect before witing, perhaps My Life as a Mouse, although it parses will with its analogous entity, is not so accurate.

What is problematic is not so much Mouseness, but My Life as a Chameleon. This has had its great strengths, and at times has been critical to my survival. However it seems that what once was mostly beneficial for a long time, is now a part of me that must evolve to continue on the pathe of a creative pulse.

there is so much i could say but perhaps I will be able to elaborate.

However, I have not even been able to keep my barest minimum blogging goals so I will screech to a stop in the direction of just petering out and giving up , and post.

Raw and crude. but put it out there.

Today is the day we are to be responded to by The Pulse on field project proposals. I wondered why so long. Now I am sure one factor is to give enough germination time, to reconsider reformulate, and redirect at an appropriate time, rather than zigging zagging willy nilly all over the place.

Can’t be soon enough for me. I will have an official advisor to bug to death ……. on a continual basis.

Neighborhood Canvassing for non-Affiliated Voters

It may have made little impact in the overall election results, but my Move-On team in a very real sense delivered the district to our candidate:

NOVEMBER 2, 2004 11:58:15 PM

NOVEMBER 2, 2004

58-Kerry – Edwards DEM 433 53.13
60-Bush – Cheney REP 377 46.26
62-Badnarik – Campagna LIB 2 0.25
64-Cobb – LaMarche GRN 1 0.12
66-Peroutka – Baldwin CON 0
68-WRITE-IN 2 0.25

** ** *** ***

Our team was assigned 150 unaffiliated voters who had indicated they were likely to vote for Kerry. Over the weekend, we attempted to contact as many as possible, and on election day we confirmed votes for 56 of them.

Kerry won the district by 56 votes. The party registrations in this part of Pennsylvania are 2 to 1 Republican.